What is Error 1086 – Solution to Windows Error 1068 Fix

Messages about error 1068 can be frustrating to many users, but there are ways to repair and prevent this problem without having to pay for professional help. Windows error 1068 may appear while enabling the Windows Firewall protection, starting the Print Spooler service or while starting the Internet Connection Sharing wizard.

The 1068 error normally shows in this format:

  • An error occurred while Internet Connection Sharing was being enabled. The dependency service or group failed to start.
  • 1068: Dependency service or group failed to start.

Either way, this error is due to a problem with the Internet Connection Sharing Wizard that appears when you try to run this application. Other factors that can lead to the problem are registry errors.

How To Fix 1068 Errors

It’s possible to start the Dependent Service manually, which should fix the problem. As mentioned above, the reason for this fault is that the Dependent Service won’t load for some reason. To start this program manually, follow these steps:
Step 1. Open the Start menu and then click on Help and Support. Proceed to the Pick a Task option and then click on Use Tools. This should allow you to view information regarding your computer system and even diagnose some problems.
Step 2. Select the System Configuration Utility option in your computer’s Tools section. Click the option that will open this menu on the right popup pane.

Another method that can be used to get to this point when trying to get rid of any messages concerning error 1068 can be used. This is done by opening the Start menu, then choosing the Run option. Now type in msconfig and press enter. This will also open the dialog box for the System Configuration Utility.

The registry is a common cause of the 1068 error on your PC. This is an enormous database, and is the section of Windows that stores all of your programs and applications’ files, options and settings. Without the registry, your computer wouldn’t be able to run any processes at all. If numerous 1068 errors have been bugging you for the longest time, then RegCure – an excellent registry cleaner should solve this issue for you. You will absolutely have a much faster and better – performing PC in no time. Not only do you get to eradicate the 1068 error, but you also get to remove all other errors and speed up my computer – so this is a great investment for any PC user!

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  1. My antivirus program never picks up 1068 Errors. But when I use your program, I fixed this error and also found out so many invalided registry entries were hided in my system.

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